Best Sex Books to Get You Hot

Did you know that there are books out there that you can read and boost your sex life? Yes, there are plenty plus books that come with some sex tips, sex stories, and more.

We appreciate reading, and erotic books are our favourites. People are different, and because of that, some people don’t enjoy watching sex videos. Instead, they want good erotic literature to get them in the mood.

Below are some of the best sex books on our reading list. You are sure to get a few sex tips too from these books. Make sure you grab yourself some copies to keep you occupied on those cold, lonely nights.  

Secrets of a Supersexpert

If you are looking for some graphic details, then this book is the one. In fact, it’s a book that doesn’t shy away from giving readers some graphic details. The book is written by Tracy Cox, who is a veteran sex author. In the books, she makes an effort to debunk all sex myths. Not only that, but she also gives readers some instructions on some sexual things that most of us had no idea were possible physically.

Some of the sex tips that you will get include getting out of a rut. In the book, Cox says you should be in a position to come up with some signals to show the other person that you are up for it. This is because a lot of the times, it is really easy to miss your partner’s signals.

Therefore, it’s important that you make some physical signs; you should do things like rubbing his leg or massaging his shoulders. This makes things obvious, which is what you need. 

She also suggests that you talk dirty. Talking dirty is necessary at times, and so, the author suggests that you talk dirty. If you are shy and can’t bring yourself to say anything dirty, make sure that you send a dirty text, or write a dirty message on the steamed mirror while he takes a shower.

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Good Sex

This book is written by Anita Naik, who is a magazine and book author. In the book, she covers a lot of aspects, including birth control and other fun facts in each chapter.

Some of the sex tips that she gives in the book include being able to have some intimate morning sex with your partner.

In the book, the author explains that normally, in the mornings is when testosterone levels are at their highest. Because of that, it means that it is much easier for women to get their men more responsive to their coital requests.

That is not all the only advice that you are going to get in the book. In fact, you will get to learn so many other things, including the fact that most women (about 64%) love the feeling of a half-clothed man. Therefore, it is important that you keep part of his clothes on. This has the effect of turning you on and make you want to get intimate with him.