Magazines Better Than Playboy

Playboy is one of the very first magazines to offer men some sexy model photos. In fact, men’s lifestyle was turned up a notch by magazines like Playboy. In the magazine, men got treated to some dirty jokes, some really hard-hitting journalism, as well as pictures of some really beautiful women.

Over the years, that very same formula has been applied to new magazines and has gone unchanged. However, over a few recent years, we have seen a new approach that has shocked readers all over. 

A few years ago, Playboy dropped all nude photos from the magazine, which came as a shock. But, worry not, we are here to share with you some of the magazines better than Playboy.

The magazines we list below are just as sexy. One great thing about them is that they are not so obvious, which means you can even flip some pages while on the train, just as you would play online casino games shamelessly.


This magazine is very artful. We know that you are really going to be excited about the heavy photography in the nudie magazine. This magazine was birthed from a very popular Tumblr account. At this point, we should stress out that the name of the magazine has nothing to do with Polanski, the filmmaker. 

Belle SF 

This is a Francisco erotic quarterly magazine. The exciting mag features some artist profiles, some local fiction, as well as some really sexy photos of local models from the Bay Area.


The magazine was started from the “need to explore,” and is based in Barcelone. This is not just an average sexy mag, but it also challenges its readers, ensuring that it provides some really insightful commentary on sex in this modern digital era.


Livefast is a magazine that is based in Los Angeles, California. You could say that this magazine is made for the gonzo jetset. The magazine features some really interesting content. In fact, you will get a lot of insights into things such as art, sex, fashion, and travel. 

You will also get to see photos of some kinky-dressed models. One of the most popular models to be featured in this magazine is Rob Kardashian’s ex, Blac Chyna.


This adult magazine is all sexy! You will get to see photos of models masturbating, as well as a few recipes. You will also get to read a few fiction stories and check out artist profiles. Basically, the magazine gives you the chance to see everything that’s sexy about life.


This is one of those sexy magazines that a lot will find eccentric, crazy, and fresh at the very same time. The mag is based in Paris and gives its readers a glimpse into urban culture. To make everything interesting, the magazine is full of some really seductive nude photography that will leave you feeling hot.

TREATS! Magazine

We really think that this is a sexy fine arts magazine.  It’s released every 3 months and is famous for helping launch the career of Emily Ratajowski. The magazine is very glossy and is very thick. In the magazine, artists are given a chance to showcase themselves. Also, photographers get to celebrate the female form in this magazine.